MISSION: APMU was established to bring together those with a common business interest in Priority Mail for the purpose of maintaining rates at reasonable levels and to provide our members with knowledge and resources available no where else.

VISION: Priority Mail is a successful product as currently implemented by the U.S. Postal Service. It is the purpose of APMU to keep it a competitive product throughout its life.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Since our inception in 1994, APMU has had a tremendous influence on USPS policy regarding Priority Mail. Among these:

  • 1994 Rate Case R94-1. APMU intervened in this case and successfully convinced the Postal Rate Commission to reduce the overall rate increase.

  • 1997 Rate Case R97-1. APMU again intervened resulting in the establishment of expanded First-Class weights, thereby easing the effect of proposed rates, while still achieving a reduction in overall rates.

  • 2000 Rate Case R2000-1. The USPS proposed “product killer” increase in Priority Mail rates, establishing a previously recommended one-pound rate for priority mail. APMU proved compelling arguments against the excessive increases proposed.

STAFF: The APMU staff brings to our organization some 40 years of experience with the U.S. Postal Service.

MEETINGS: APMU holds quarterly meetings in conjunction with MTAC in the Washington, D.C. area, and hosts breakfast meetings at the National Postal Forums. Guest speakers include high-level USPS policy makers.

DUES: Your dues are used to finance the day-to-day operations of the APMU, including our quarterly newsletter, meetings, and membership efforts. In addition, dues provide the seed money that is needed to begin analysis of proposed rate cases. This, in addition to contributions received specifically for rate cases, benefits all Priority Mail users.


  • Regular contact with other mailers who have found solutions to issues you may be experiencing

  • Quarterly meetings with Postal Service representatives at meetings in Washington, D.C., available to members and through conference calls

  • E-mailed regular updates on postal issues, not limited to Priority Mail issues

  • Access to an esteemed and respected team of professionals who know the business, bringing several years of experience in analyzing, proposing and even litigating postal policy

WHY YOU NEED TO SUPPORT THE ASSOCIATION OF PRIORITY MAIL USERS: Even if you are not a significant user of Priority Mail, APMU has a significant impact on your cost of doing business with other carriers. Priority Mail’s low cost point has been a primary factor in holding rates down among other carriers. If you use UPS, Airborne, FedEx or regional carriers, you are directly affected by Priority Mail rates. These carriers often spend millions of dollars to convince the Postal Rate Commission to increase Priority Mail rates even higher than USPS Rate Case proposals. Your support of APMU helps counter these interests to the benefit of all small parcel shippers.

HOW TO JOIN: Just drop us a line. We’ll provide you the membership options to best serve your needs and provide you with an invoice for the appropriate amount.

Phone: (703) 356-6913
e-mail: contact@apmu.org


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