Past Accomplishments and Plans for 2000

Since late 1993, APMU has worked diligently to protect, advance, and communicate the interests and concerns of Priority Mail users, and to promote improvements in the performance and value of Priority Mail. APMU actively facilitates efforts of the United States Postal Service and Postal Rate Commission to improve Priority Mail, and is now recognized as the only consolidated voice of Priority Mail users in the mailing community.

MTAC Participation

APMU is a member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), which promotes the exchange of information and ideas between the Postal Service and representative mailer groups. MTAC has led to significant improvements in other classes of mail. Membership is permitted only for associations. Through APMU's regular participation, MTAC now gives greater attention to the interests of Priority Mail users.

Serving as Postal Service Advisory Body


Providing Input for Postal Reclassification

APMU members participated on the Postal Service's Ad Hoc Reclassification Committee and successor groups to represent the interests of Priority Mail users. APMU members work to ensure that future Postal Service reclassification proposals will be welcomed by Priority Mail users.

Conducting Meetings

APMU will hold regular quarterly meetings during 2000, as it has done since its inception.

Facilitating Information Exchange Among Members

APMU provides a forum for mailers to share ideas and experiences about Priority Mail with other mailers, as well as with the Postal Service, both at meetings and informally.

Disseminating News on New Postal Developments

APMU provides its members with an unparalleled source of information on developments affecting Priority Mail, especially through its bi-monthly Newsletter, APMU News. This newsletter is also sent to hundreds of Postal Service personnel to increase their focus on Priority Mail. Members also receive regular mailings on important postal developments, not limited to Priority Mail.

Intervention in Postal Rate Commission Rate and Classification Cases

APMU intervened as an active participant in the last omnibus rate case before the Postal Rate Commission (Docket No. R97-1), where it filed discovery designed to demonstrate to the Commission that the coverage factor (markup) for Priority Mail proposed by the Postal Service was too high. The Commission reduced the proposed coverage factor by 50 percent. APMU then intervened and filed a brief in the case before the U.S. Court of Appeals, where UPS unsuccessfully attacked reasonable Priority Mail rates.

In addition, APMU intervened in several mail classification cases, including Docket Nos. MC96-1, and MC97-2. In Docket No. MC96-1, a new experimental Priority Mail service was established. In

Assisting the Postal Service in the Promotion of Priority Mail

APMU will continue to provide speakers and other support to promote Priority Mail at the National Postal Forum, MAILCOM, and other events.

Industry Spokesperson to the Media

APMU serves as spokesperson for Priority Mail users with the postal trade press and other media and government agencies such as GAO.

Facilitation of Experimental Postal Service Initiatives

APMU and its members continue to be available to the Postal Service to participate in the testing of new services and other proposals.

Access to Legal and Economic Information About Priority Mail

APMU will continue to provide the services of its legal and economic counsel as a resource for its members on issues concerning Priority Mail.

Supporting Improved Service

APMU has provided input to the Postal Service Priority Mail Re-design staff in an effort to improve service for Priority Mail. Priority Mail Re-design is now being implemented on a phased basis. Postal Service representatives appear at APMU's meetings and report on the project's progress, which is of vital importance to Priority Mail users.




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