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Benefits of Membership


  • Host APMU Breakfast and Briefing sessions at Semi-annual National Postal Forums bringing together Priority Mail users and vendors with postal policy makers, sharing information, and hearing from speakers such as Postmaster-General Jack Potter and Deputy Postmaster General John Nolan.

  • Conduct Quarterly APMU Membership Meetings during MTAC week.


  • Regular meetings with postal decision makers (e.g., recent activities included the briefing of two Commissioners of the President's Commission on U.S. Postal Service on APMU recommendations for structural improvements for package services).

  • Represent interests of Priority Mail users with Capitol Hill and General Accounting Office staff. Currently discussing draft legislation implementing certain recommendations of President's Commission.

  • Meetings with industry representatives (e.g., attended Industry/Postal Service Conference on future Postal Service directions for the processing of Flats).

  • Attend MTAC meetings and participate in select MTAC committee activities.

  • Regularly provide information to postal media.

  • Support of new initiatives (e.g., participated in the formation of the Coalition for Postal Worksharing).


  • Provide written minutes of monthly Washington, D.C. meetings of the Postal Service Board of Governors.

  • Regularly report by e-mail reports on activities (e.g., the role of APMU in recent congressional passage of top priority Postal Retirement Reform Act, which resulted in postponement of omnibus rate cases through 2005).

  • Conduct periodic conference calls between APMU members and senior postal officials, including Chief Operating Officer (COO) Pat Donahoe, on means to improve service to Priority Mail users.

  • Report on the "future directions" of the Postal Service treatment of Priority Mail discussed at the Postal Service's Product Redesign Meeting held July 15, 2003, in Washington D.C. (At that meeting APMU pressed for expedited action to restore competitive Priority Mail rates. At that meeting APMU was the only organization singled out by Postal Service for its work in cooperation with the Service in meetings scheduled with the Postal Service Inspector General's office on issues relating to Priority Mail).

  • On July 21, and on July 24, 2003, APMU reported to its members on the initial and final recommendations of the President's Commission on U.S. Postal Service. The Commission recognized the validity of materials presented in earlier private meetings and public testimony with members of the Commission in its recommendations on the need to expand use of worksharing as well as the need to reform the current rate making processes of the Postal Service.

Postal Rate Commission

  • Intervene in and defend the interests of Priority Mail Users before the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) in all relevant rate and classification cases.

  • On June 18, 2003, APMU intervened with the Postal Rate Commission supporting the new Experimental Parcel Return Services Docket.

  • On June 20, 2003, APMU filed an opposition to a USPS' request for more delay in PRC Docket No. RM2003-3, which deals with Commission access to USPS cost data. On June 25, 2003, the Postal Rate Commission ruled in favor of the APMU position.


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